GUM x MARATHON Artists | Green United Music and Marathon Artists
We are specialized in music production since 2007. We're doing music supervision, sound design and much more.
music supervision, sound design, original composition, movies, scores, soundtrack, sound identity
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Original Composition: 
The creation of a tailor-made, personalized and unique music for your movies, briefs, images and concepts. We are working with over 400 music composers and our repertoire keeps increasing every day. Our policy consists in offering you the most appropriate composer for your original composition. Our producers are present throughout the whole creative process to best meet your needs and to guide you towards the most relevant and original solutions.
Music Supervision: 
Providing our customers with the advice and expertise of an Artistic Director to accompany a brief, a film or an idea and to find the music that best suits everyone’s needs.
At GUM x MARATHON, we have a musical catalogue of more than 4000 tracks covering all the different music styles. Curious and always hunting for new trends he also works closely with International labels to search for new artists and tracks.
Sound Design: 
Creation of a sound environment using sound effects (recordings or samples) or FX (sound synthesis); it’s the staging of a realistic, quirky, original, daring, dreamlike story, depending on your imagination and desire.
The Sound Design can be synchronized on a movie, a radio spot, an audio book etc…
At GUM x MARATHON, we are fortunate to have a large sound bank and to work with amazingly inventive producers and sound engineers who don’t hesitate to get involved in the creative process.
Full service film soundtrack including; proposition and organization of tenders for composers. Musical research, Temp Tracking and sound editing. Negotiation of synchronization rights. Negotiation and drafting of contracts (music composers, recording artists…) Preparation and management of the recording sessions. Creation of a production team, in cooperation with the composer: orchestrator, copyist, programmer, sound designer, music editor and engineer. Mixing 5.1. Drafting and finalization of the cue-sheet, the contracts and Performing Rights Organisations registrations. Management of publishing repertoires. The soundtrack can either be released on our own label or by a partner that we will find for you. Promotion of musical works for secondary purposes, including advertising.
Sonic Identity:
Production of audio that can be compared with a brand’s DNA or with a product or a campaign’s corporate design. At GUM x MARATHON, we personally guarantee the coherence and uniqueness of a campaign on every advertising material we use, regardless of the brand, the length and the target market.